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A Slice of the Old Life

Can you remember what it was like just being Melissa? Not a mum or a wife - just you.  Being carefree, having no worries, no responsibilities, no regrets. Only having to think about yourself. Doing whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted and never having to justify your actions, no matter how crazy. Well can you?
Melissa Marshall has all but given up on fun. Despite her tough divorce from soul-mate Pete, she's tried her best to remain friends for the sake of their two young children, but recently, life has dealt her some choices she'd rather not have to make.

Follow Melissa as she take seventy-two hours out of her ordinary life to uncover her old fun-loving naughty self, whilst on her best friend's bachelorette weekend in Ibiza. Can experiencing A Slice of the Old Life tempt her to find her old self before it's too late!